Asset Revaluation


We have extensive experience to help you in the implementation of a revaluation that will allow you to mitigate the inflationary effects. Likewise, it will allow your financial statements to be reliable with respect to reality and will allow third parties to correctly assess the creditworthiness of your company.

The valuations that we perform in Asset Management and Valuations are adjusted to the Valuation Standards issued by the National Appraisal Tribunal (TTN).

Property Management and Valuations has professionals enrolled in engineering with national and international experience in the valuation of buildings, industrial plants, land, rural property and machinery.

We follow the expressed guidelines:

  • Technical Resolution FACPCE N ° 31 Introduction of the Revaluation Model of Fixed Assets except Biological Assets. - Res C.D. No. 127/2011 of the CPCECABA
  • Technical Resolution FACPCE No. 48 Remedy of assets - Res. C.D. Nº 24/2018 of the CPCECABA and by the General Inspectorate of Justice (R.G. IGJ No. 9/2016 and R.G. IGJ 02/2018)..